Family Therapy

If following any kind of an accident, event or other emotional trigger you suffer a depression, we might help you!

Every once in a while every person has suffered from either an anxiety attack or a minor to major depression.

The most telling sign of it is that no matter what you do, your mind cannot see the world in the positive light anymore…  However, even the most severe depression is treatable. So, if your depression is halting you from living the life you want to, never doubt about asking for a professional therapist to give you a proper counseling help.

Getting to understand your depression in a better way will be crucial when you will make a decision to ask for help. From therapy to medication to healthy lifestyle changes, there are many effective treatments that can help you overcome depression and reclaim your life.


En un seul mot, génial… un grand merci à vous et à votre équipe, je n\’ai jamais vu aussi bien de toute ma vie… même avec des lunettes, je n\’avais pas une vue aussi parfaite… Encore merci Docteur WERY

Monique A

A quelques mois d’intervalle, deux interventions de cataracte très réussies! Mes plus vifs remerciements pour tant de compétence et de maîtrise technologique…

J.De Roeck

After wearing glasses for 50 years I can finally see both near and far without them after my cataract operations with Dr Wery (aka Dr McDreamy!!) Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to hear my experience. He has changed my life and I’ll be eternally grateful.

Angela Brown